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HOVON Echelon classification


To be able to decide which hospitals are able to participate in which HOVON trials, in 2008, the foundation introduced echelon classification. Depending on the echelon in which a hospital is classified, that hospital is or is not able to participate in trials.
In drawing up this list, information was used provided by the coordinating haematologist (from the hospital in question) on the basis of which the echelon for each hospital participating in a HOVON trial was identified.
In 2011 the echelon criteria were updated. During 2012 the echelon classification of sites participating in HOVON trials has been reviewed according to the new criteria. The HOVON Data Center monitors provided an advice, based on which the HOVON executive board assigned an echelon to each participating site.

Details of the echelon classification system and it’s relation to site selection in HOVON trials can be found in the HOVON policy documents “echelon classification” and “site selection”.

The echelon criteria will be periodically updated. Participating sites are welcome to apply for a change, preferably upgrading, of their classification.

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