We would like to inform you that the HOVON Data Center (HDC) and the HOVON Safety Desk will remain fully operational to ensure the safety of the patients included in HOVON trials.

The distribution and delivery of the study medicinal products are being closely monitored and we will inform you accordingly if any actions need to be taken.

The central laboratories are also still fully functioning.

At the moment it is possible to include patients in all active HOVON trials.


Participating sites:

Please make sure to inform the HOVON Data Center per e-mail ( if your hospital has decided to temporarily halt patient inclusion in clinical trials following the COVID-19 outbreak.

In case patient visits or study procedures cannot be performed per protocol due to the COVID-19, please document this in the patient files.



Given the situation surrounding the Corona virus, the HOVON central Office (HCB) and the HOVON Data Center (HDC) are temporarily unavailable by phone.

Please send all (urgent) question via email, these will be picked up and processed by the team as soon as possible. We hope for your understanding of this situation.

For study specific questions, you can contact the concerning HOVON Trial Manager or our general e-mail address ( - Please include HOVON study number as reference). Thank you for your cooperation.


HOVON Central Office (HCB):

HOVON Data Center (HDC):


With kind regards, Marleen Breems (HOVON General Director) and Bianca Backx (manager HDC)

sluit venster

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Studies CLL (Chronical Lymfatic Leukemia)

Study name Status Echelon level Stage Age Updated Included patients Active sites
HOVON-associated Murano study Closed n/a 2nd line >= 18 31-08-2015 n/a n/a
HOVON-associated GLOW study Closed Limited site selection 3rd line >= 18 10-01-2020 n/a n/a
HOVON-associated Acerta CL-007 Closed n/a - >65 OR >18 - 65 23-03-2018 n/a n/a
HOVON-associated Acerta CL-006 Closed n/a 2nd line >=18 23-03-2018 n/a n/a
HOVON 159 CLL Planned Level A, Level B, Level C-HIC, Level C-SCT, Level C-HIC & C-SCT, Level D Initieel ≥ 18 22-08-2019 n/a n/a
HOVON 158 CLL Planned Level D Initieel ≥18 06-06-2019 n/a n/a
HOVON 141 CLL Closed Level D 2nd line >=18 22-10-2019 225 46
HOVON 140 CLL Closed Level D 1st line >=18 14-11-2019 n/a 38
HOVON 139 CLL (GIVE) Closed Level D 1st line >=18 29-10-2019 70 25
HOVON 121 CLLM1/GCLLSG Closed Level D - ≥ 18 03-05-2018 n/a 4
HOVON 109 CLL Closed Limited site selection 1st line 65 years – 80 years, inclusive; 18 - 64 years, inclusive, with CIRS ≥7 24-09-2019 63 34
HOVON 101 CLL/OMB112517 Closed n/a 2nd line >= 18 03-05-2018 n/a 19
HOVON 88 CLL Closed n/a 2nd line 18 - 70 03-05-2018 46 3
HOVON 68 CLL Closed n/a 1st line 18 - 75 03-05-2018 274 71