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Multiple Myeloma working group


1. Composition
2. Description of the field of work
3. Trials
4. Developments
5. Treatment guidelines (if applicable)
6. Publications


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1. Composition



Prof. dr. P. Sonneveld (Erasmus MC)



Prof. dr. S. Zweegman (VUmc)



Dr. N. W.C.J. van de Donk (VUmc)


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2. Description of the field of work

The key objectives of this working group are:

to draw up guidelines for the treatment and diagnosis of multiple myeloma and related disorders including AL amyloidosis and M. Waldenström;
initiation and implementation of multicentre phase II and phase III clinical trials amongst younger and older patients;
the related standardisation of modern methods for determining risk profiles including cytogenetics and gene expression profiling;
the further elaboration of collaboration with international study groups including the IFM, GIMEMA, GMMG and the Nordic group;
maintaining and further expanding an internationally-competitive position in respect of research into new medicines in clinical trials.


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3. Trials

For the various indication areas that fall within the responsibility of the working group, a minimum package of trials is formulated, that must always be activated. Trial-free periods are avoided as far as possible or filled in with short phase II trials or collaboration with industry-initiated trials. In addition, trials can be put forward that can be implemented on the basis of prioritisation or current interests.

The permanent package of trials consists of:

Trial for first-line treatment amongst younger patients with Multiple Myeloma (currently HOVON 95);
Trial for first-line treatment of older patients with Multiple Myeloma (currently HOVON 87);
Trial for recurrent treatment amongst older patients with Multiple Myeloma;

Trial into Allogeneic transplantation amongst patients with Multiple Myeloma (currently HOVON 108).

Depending on the developments, initiatives may be taken for trials with other indications, such as:

M. Waldenström;
Supportive Care.


All phase I/II MM studies can be found in the overview below (these are HOVON-associated studies):


MM phase I/II trials (HOVON associated)




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4. Developments

The working group is investing heavily in implementing 'correlative studies' with the clinical trials. In particular, focus will be placed on obtaining additional biological information about the tumour and the 'host' by means of Gene Expression Profiling (GEP) and mutation analysis (SNPs) and making use of large-scaled CHIP-based analyses. For this purpose, financing will have to be generated within HOVON;
Preparation for new trials (follow-up to HOVON 65) etc. HOVON 86 and 87 are in start-up phase;
The working group is investing in expanding collaboration with other trial groups with a view to increasing the scale and impact of the trials. Examples are long-term cooperation with the German GMMG group in the H50 and H65 trials and recent collaboration with Scandinavian groups for Hovon 87;
The working group is placing the emphasis on the optimisation of clinical information made available in the trials through investing in 'minimal data sets' necessary for the CRFs. The intention is to keep the trial logistically compact and to restrict the burden for the HDC;
The working group was the first to implement a trial according to the European GCP Directive, and expects further development in this field;
The working group is placing the emphasis on obtaining and maintaining an internationally-competitive position in respect of studies into new medicines in clinical trials;
The working group will cooperate in improving the slow and incomplete process of trial management and trial analysis by the HOVON Data Center over the past few years.

The analyses implemented in 2008 are:

HOVON 50 (MM < 65 years);
HOVON 54 (donor versus no donor, Allo SCT);
HOVON 65 an initial analysis required for response.


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5. Treatment guidelines (if applicable)

For patients unable or unwilling to be treated in part of a trial, the HOVON myeloma working group has revised the guidelines for treatment as drawn up in 2005. Here click on to the section on Guidelines

The most important alterations are that:

In the first line, Thalidomide is recommended;
For older patients in combination with melphalan/ prednison (MP-T);
For younger patients in combination with dexamethasone (Thal/Dex (+/- adriamycine, TAD);
In the second line, both bortezomib/dexamethasone, lenalidomide/dexamethasone and thalidomide/dexamethasone can be administered. As necessary, a low dosage of cyclophosphamide can be added to the combination thalidomide/dexamethasone;
Given the absence of random studies between the above forms of therapy, the choice will be made on an individual basis, according to previous treatment and the side effects profile.

The combinations referred to above are also eligible for treatment for the following relapses:



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6. Publications

H.M. Lokhorst, P. Sonneveld, A.W. Dekker, M. van Marwijk Kooy,
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