Priority HOVON trials


Please find below the overview of the upcoming data analysis within HOVON trials. This list is meant for Local Data Managers to review which deadlines there are for certain trials. Of course we hope that it is possible to have  all data up to date and all queries answered within the general timelines as are specified in the eCRF instructions per trial. However in case there is some back log in providing data, this list below can be used to asses for which trial(s) we are most eager to receive your help in completing the data.

If the provided timelines below are not achievable for you, please contact the central data manager (listed at section Participating Parties at each trial) of the concerning trial.

Planned HOVON interim/final analyses for the coming 6 months

Updated: April 2021

(sorted by HOVON study number)

  • HO104 AL amyloidosis: FU analysis (Q2-2021)  

  • HO105 PCNSL : long-term follow-up analysis (Q4-2021)

  • HO110 FL: final analysis (Q4-2021)

  • HO114 MM: Final analysis (Q2-2021)  

  • HO124 WM: Maintenance final analysis (Q4-2021)

  • HO136 NHL: interim analysis (Q3-2021)

  • HO141 CLL: Induction final analysis (Q2-2021)

  • HO146 ALL: final analysis (Q3-2021)

  • HO148 AML/SCT: final analysis (Q2-2021)  

  • HO150 AML: 2nd interim analysis IDH2 cohort (Q2-2021)

  • HO150 AML: 3rd interim analysis IDH2 cohort (Q2-2021)

  • HO150 AML: 4th interim analysis IDH2 cohort (Q3-2021)

  • HO150 AML: 2nd  interim analysis IDH1 cohort (Q3-2021)

  • HO150 AML: 3rd interim analysis IDH1 cohort (Q3-2021)

  • HO152 DLBCL: interim analysis (Q2-2021)    

  • HO156 AML: interim analysis (Q3-2021)

  • HO158 CLL: 1st interim analysis (Q3-2021)

  • HO158 CLL: 2nd interim analysis (Q4-2021)

  • HO159 CLL: 1st interim analysis (Q3/Q4-2021)