HOVON central office

The Office provides financial-legal and commercial support to the foundation. This includes drawing up the annual accounts, managing the operating capital, organizing the Dutch Hematology Conference and advising the board in respect of the course to be followed by and the professionalization of the foundation.
As well as supporting the foundation, the Office plays an important role in the establishment and rollout of new trials and serves as the first point of contact for the various parties in the field of work (government, KWF, industry, etc.). 

Support for clinical trials

The Office provides researchers with financial and legal support in establishing new trials. Against that background, the HOVON manager is involved in:

  • Contributing ideas on financing the costs accrued in the trial
  • Drawing up a trial-specific budget
  • Drawing up contracts with the pharmaceutical party participating in the trial and undertaking relevant negotiations
  • Insurance oversight
  • Entering into a contract with a CRO for monitoring (if applicable)
  • Drawing up and entering into co-sponsorship agreements with foreign study groups and centers
  • If necessary, support on the set up of import permits for trial medication and involved in the contracts with vendors distributing the medication.

HOVON meetings

Twice a year, the Office organizes the HOVON meeting, where each working group presents the highlights in their disease area. These so-called protocol days are held in Amersfoort and are well attended by the various parties involved. As well as exchanging trial information, these days are also viewed as important networking events where hematologists, research nurses, trial coordinators, data managers, statisticians and monitors can meet. 

Hematology Congress

The HOVON foundation and the Netherlands Association for Hematology (NVvH) organize the Dutch Hematology Congress (DHC) every year.
This congress is an event that brings together the biannual HOVON in-service training and the annual Autumn Conference of the NVvH, in an annually-recurring event held in January, during which Dutch hematology presents its fundamental and clinical research. During the congress, doctoral students and their supervisors come together to discuss the latest results of their studies.
At the same time, the congress is an excellent means of being brought up to speed on the latest developments in hematology, in a compact in-service training session, for all hematologists, internists, pediatricians, radiotherapists, oncologists, pathologists, assistant physicians, data managers, research nurses and all other interested stakeholders from the entire HOVON network.
The congress is accredited by the Netherlands Association of Internists. Accreditation has also been applied for from the European Hematology Association, the Netherlands Association for Radiotherapy and Oncology, the Netherlands Association for Pediatric Medicine and the Netherlands Association for Pathology.
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