Trials and Support Committee



B. van Haren (Radboudumc, Nijmegen - Netwerk coordinator)


Dr. M. Breems-de Ridder (HOVON – General director)
Dr. B. Backx (HOVON – HOVON Data Center manager)
M. Luten (HOVON – Sr. Global CPM)
W. Keller (HOVON - monitor)
S. Broekman (HOVON – legal department)
A. Friele (ErasmusMC – trial consultant)
M. Leisink (Amsterdam UMC – trial department)
M. Hoogendoorn (MC Leeuwarden - hematologist)
R. Boersma (Amphia - hematologist) 
S. Tonino (AmsterdamUMC – AMC – hematologist) 
G.J. Timmers (Ziekenhuis Amstelland – hematologist)
P. Westerweel (Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis – hematologist)

Key objectives of working group

The key objectives of this working group are:

  • Improve and speed up the local start-up of HOVON studies
  • Increase inclusion rate


 The Trials & Support working group currently has the following spearheads:

  • Local start-up of HOVON studies
  • Inclusion and referral policy
  • Site selection



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