Participating sites


All Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg hospitals can participate in HOVON trials. There is a large network that enables HOVON to propose many trials to patients. The large international network strengthens this position even more. This large-scale cooperation also ensures more standardization in care and improves haematological care. 

Carrying out trials imposes high demands on the participating hospitals and their specialists. Not only must hematological care be of the highest standard, but the specialists must also be fully informed of the various trial protocols and the methods they contain. In addition, legislation and regulations relating to clinical trials have mushroomed over the past few years, leading to increased administrative burdens, whenever a site participates in clinical trials.

Participation in a trial

For every new HOVON trial, HOVON sends out a survey to all hospitals that qualify (for the Netherlands; the study Echelon will be taken into account) to request if they are interested, if they have the required capacity and how many patients they expect to contribute. These surveys are always send out to the site contact person (as shown in the site details (section hospitals > contact details after log in), and trial coordinators (when known).

HOVON has a policy for selecting hospitals for participation in trials. This is described in the HOVON policy “site selection”. General criteria apply to a hospital and criteria that are determined per trial. Please note you can always check the status of the trial in the trial section > timelines.