Participating sites


80% of all Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg hospitals participate in HOVON trials. This large-scale cooperation generates advantages for both sides. On the one hand, HOVON is able to accelerate the inclusion of its trials, thanks to this large number of hospital (also called sites). On the other hand, participation brings the various sites together, as a result of which hematological care can be improved and standardized.

Carrying out trials imposes high demands on the participating hospitals and their specialists. Not only must hematological care be of the highest standard, but the specialists must also be fully informed of the various trial protocols and the methods they contain. In addition, legislation and regulations relating to clinical trials have mushroomed over the past few years, leading to increased administrative burdens, whenever a site participates in clinical trials.

Participation in a trial

For every new HOVON trial, the HOVON Data Center sends out a survey (for the Netherlands; the Echelon will be taken into account) to assess which sites are willing to participate and how many patients they expect to contribute. These surveys are always send out to the site contact person (as shown in the site details (section hospitals > contact details after log in), and trial coordinators (when known).

Based upon the returning surveys the PI and working group decide if a further selection of sites is necessary (if more sites want to participate compared to the amount of places available). The sites selected will receive further information. Please note you can always check the status of the trial in the trial section > timelines.

Once we receive approval for your country, the sites are send the Investigator File, with all documents necessary to retrieve local approval and further actions are provided to get your site activated.