Instruction of Statement of expenses form

For each trial run by HOVON a statement of expenses form is set up. This can be found at the Trial section downloads (after log in).

Statements of Expenses forms must be filled out completely and the HOVON study numbers should always be added.

Please follow the guidelines provided below to ensure a quick and easy processing.

·        The Statements of Expenses form must be accompanied by an expenses account. Without accountability, the Statements of Expenses form cannot be processed.

  • The amounts on the Statements of Expenses forms are maximum amounts. If your hospital charges VAT, the claimed amount will have to be adjusted accordingly so that the maximum amount will not be exceeded.
  • For some studies a certain amount is agreed upon for general study costs such as EC, drug costs, etc. You can decide yourself which expenses will be claimed as long as the costs are accounted for.
  • Please note that also for these costs no VAT can be charged.
  • The Statements of Expenses forms must be submitted in time (within one year after closure of the study) and sent to:

            VU University Medical Center
            Central Bureau HOVON - PK 5 X 178
            PO Box 7057
            1007 MB Amsterdam
            The Netherlands

  • The Statements of Expenses form can only be processed if it is dated and signed by the site principal investigator.
  • It is not allowed that other departments of the hospital such as the Ethics Committee or the pharmacy send in separate invoices, all expenses must be claimed via the site principal investigator.
  • The payments are only made to the bank account holders. The bank account holder is responsible for the distribution to the various departments.

Please always add your contact data so that we can contact you in case we have questions or need further information.

If you have any questions please contact the HOVON central office, telephone: +31 (0)20-4449086 or via