Instruction of HOVON site reimbursement

For each trial run by HOVON a site budget is available. This can be found at the Trial section downloads (after log in) or in the site contract.

HOVON sends out an invoice proposal per trial on a quarterly base, which includes the actual activities in accordance with the site budget. Based on this overview, sites are requested to send an invoice with the invoice proposal attached for the outstanding amount to The invoicing details are also included in the invoice proposal.

Please note:

  • invoices can only be submitted up to one year after LPI
  • 10% of total reimbursement will be deducted during the trial and become payable after site close out  (for upcoming trials starting in 2023)
  • payments are only made to the bank account holders stated in the site contract. The bank account holder is responsible for further distribution to departments or external parties if applicable.
  • patient reimbursements are allocated to the site that included the patient(s). Sites are requested to settle payments directly with the referral sites if a patient is referred to another site within the trial.

If you have any questions please contact HOVON via e-mail: