Dutch quality hematology Committee



B. Odijk (Amsterdam UMC - AMC, Amsterdam)
Y. Westerman (St. Antonius Ziekenhuis, Nieuwegein)

Members with a specific role

Prof. Dr. J.J. Zwaginga (LUMC, Leiden) – Landelijk vertegenwoordiger FACT-JACIE
Y. Westerman (St. Antonius Ziekenhuis, Nieuwegein), P. Kort (NKI, Amsterdam) – Contactpersoon voor Kwaliteitsmanagementgroep EBMT
B. Odijk (Amsterdam UMC - AMC, Amsterdam) – Ambtelijk secretaris HOVON SCT werkgroep domein Kwaliteit en donorzaken
E. Faber (Amsterdam UMC - VUmc, Amsterdam) – Aanspreekpunt wijzigingen website NKH

Key objectives of working group

The key objectives of this working group are:

  • Creating an open quality network within hematology centers
  • The tuning, further development and professionalization of quality systems within hematology
  • Evaluating, developing and commenting on the European FACT-JACIE standard, as a country, of clinical / outpatient and bone marrow collection standards
  • Formalized connection of the NKH with the main stakeholders
  • Evaluating accreditations and accreditation processes
  • Applying laws and regulations within hematological inpatient and outpatient care
  • Sharing knowledge and best practice both on a national and international level
  • Maintaining international contacts with other national quality groups

The NKH was founded in April 2011 and consists of an average of 30 members (quality officers, quality coordinators or professionals with a quality aspect) of all stem cell transplantation centers in the Netherlands and is headed by one coordinator, supported by two advising NKH members. Its members include representatives of the Quality management Group EBMT, Matchis, HOVON SCT group, V&VN and the national representative FACT-JACIE.

The NKH operates independently in terms of content. Participation in the NKH is reserved for "professionals" who are engaged in development and maintenance of quality systems within hematology centers. NKH is freely accessible to third parties, if these persons have an input with regard to technical and / or theoretical knowledge transfer. You can register for the NKH via the chairperson.

Twice a year all members meet at different locations in the Netherlands.

Activities NKH

Activity overview NKH version 13.0 (Dutch only)

Agenda NKH

15 November 2023: NKH-vergadering
Location: AVL, Amsterdam
Speaker: Paulien Kort


For questions, please contact B. Odijk (Amsterdam UMC - AMC, Amsterdam)
Email: b.m.odijk@amsterdamumc.nl
Changes to this website (part NKH), please contact E. Faber (Amsterdam UMC - VUmc, Amsterdam)
Email: e.faber@amsterdamumc.nl