HOVON uses DocuSign 

HOVON uses DocuSign for signing contracts and documents. 

Implications for collaborators and sites

HOVON signs all their documents with DocuSign. We will also ask if you want to use DocuSign when signing documents. You do not need a DocuSign account yourself, but you do receive an invitation by email from this system to sign documents.
We understand that not all organizations will accept the use of digital signatures. That is why DocuSign also offers the possibility to print the document, sign it and upload it again in the system.
You may be involved as a contact person in HOVON studies (for instance in the review of contracts), but you are not authorized to sign. In those cases, DocuSign offers the option to forward the documents to the person who must sign the document.

Instructions using DocuSign

We have prepared instructions for all of the above options that you can follow as soon as you receive an invitation to sign a document via DocuSign. You can find these instructions here:

Manual using DocuSign in Dutch
Manual using DocuSign in English


If you have any further questions, please email us at if it concerns contracts. Or if it concerns operational documents.