Treatment guidelines


Treatment advice in relation to COVID-19 virus outbreak

In connection with the COVID-19 virus outbreak, both the executive board of the Dutch Hematology Association (NVvH) and HOVON have set up guidelines for the treatment of non-COVID patients with hematological diseases. An addendum has also been drawn up for the use of hematological drugs in patients admitted for COVID-19 infection.

Both documents can be viewed via this link (in Dutch only). If there are any questions or comments, you can always contact

Corona vaccinations can be performed according to national / local policy in your country for your trial patients.

Treatment guidelines

HOVON has working groups consisting of experts in the area of Leukemia, Myeloma, CLL, Benign Hematology, Lymphomas, and CML-MPN.

In addition to developing new studies, these working groups also make treatment recommendations for the treatment of patients within the working group's clinical expertise . Treatment guidelines are being drawn up in collaboration with the NVvH.

Per disease group you will find the treatment advice in the submenu.