HOVON mission and vision

HOVON's vision on hematology

Hematological diseases (benign and malignant) are an increasing medical and socio-economic problem in the Western world. Developments in both diagnostics and new therapies thrive on close and structured collaboration between clinicians and researchers. Clinical studies and the associated translational and biomarker studies are indispensable as a driving force behind these developments.

Developments are not only needed in the field of improving treatment methods (aimed at deeper and longer-lasting responses), but also in the field of cost-effectiveness, proper use of medicines, quality of life and the further development of diagnostic and prognosis-determining tools.

Mission statement HOVON:

Together bring the most optimal therapeutic treatment to the patient with a hematological disease


We, HOVON employees, working group members and board work hard on our mission every day. We believe that bundling knowledge and a wide range of studies within one organization leads to improvement in care for patients. It is therefore our ambition to be an umbrella international leading scientific institute that focuses on optimizing therapy, life expectancy and quality of life of patients with a hematological disease.

Consistently combining clinical studies, including real-world data, with translational research and improvement of diagnostics, we make a significant impact on improving life expectancy and quality of life for malignant and non-malignant hematological diseases. 

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