HOVON policy documents

HOVON finds transparency in the trial execution very important. Next to that HOVON is aware that a lot of details need to be carefully stipulated to create understanding of the way we prefer to execute trials. Because of the large amount of trials executed by HOVON and the many sites participating in HOVON trials, a set of standards is necessary to be able to maintain the power of executing big trials with a relatively small team.

Below you can find the policy documents of the HOVON.

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HOVON Policy Data and Safety Monitoring Board
HOVON Policy Collaboration in international trials
HOVON Policy Duration of Follow Up
HOVON Policy Electronic source documents
HOVON Policy ICF version control
HOVON Policy Publications
HOVON Policy Audits and inspections
HOVON Policy Site selection
HOVON Policy Premature termination of a trial or investigational site
HOVON Policy Initiating a HOVON trial
Guideline for initiating a HOVON trial
HOVON Policy Investigator terminology
HOVON Policy Data confidentiality
HOVON Policy Dutch Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Registry
HOVON Policy Development of treatment guidelines by HOVON
HOVON Policy PI responsibilities and qualifications
HOVON Policy Echelon classification
HOVON Policy Trial data collection
HOVON Policy Local Investigator responsibilities
HOVON Policy Risk Based Quality Management of Clinical Trials
HOVON Policy Development and Management of HOVON Policies
HOVON Policy Biobanking

Request / template forms

Template for request data from HOVON trials.doc
Template for recording delegation of HOVON sponsor responsibilities.pdf
Template for recording delegation of HOVON sponsor responsibilities.doc
Template for HOVON Principal Investigator Training Record.pdf
Template for Quality Risk Management Plan.pdf
Template for Quality Risk Management Plan.doc
Template for request samples from HOVON biobank.pdf
Template for request samples from HOVON biobank.doc
Template for HOVON Project Proposal form.doc