Imaging Committee



Prof. Dr. J. Zijlstra (AmsterdamUMC - VUmc, Amsterdam)


Drs. J. Adam (AmsterdamUMC - AMC, Amsterdam)
Drs. A. Arens (RadboudUMC, Nijmegen)
Dr. D. van Assema (ErasmusMC, Rotterdam)
Prof. Dr. R. Boellaard (AmsterdamUMC - VUmc, Amsterdam)
Dr. V. Bongers (Diakonessenhuis, Utrecht)
Drs. F. Celik (Deventer ziekenhuis, Deventer)
Dr. M. Chamuleau (AmsterdamUMC - VUmc, Amsterdam)
Dr. E. Comans (AmsterdamUMC - VUmc, Amsterdam)
Dr. C. Hoekstra (JBZ, Den Bosch)
Prof. Dr. O. Hoekstra (AmsterdamUMC - VUmc, Amsterdam)
Drs. W. Huijgen (Haga Ziekenhuis, Den Haag)
Drs. J. Huijbregts (Gelre Ziekenhuizen, Apeldoorn en Zutphen)
Dr. M. Jak (UMCU, Utrecht)
Dr. B. de Keizer (UMCU, Utrecht)
Dr. J. de Klerk (MeanderMC, Amersfoort)
Dr. C. Mitea (MUMC, Maastricht)
Dr. J. Regelink (MeanderMC, Amersfoort)
Dr. N. Tolboom (UMCU, Utrecht)
Dr. J. Quarles van Ufford (Haaglanden MC, Den Haag)
Dr. R. Valkema (ErasmusMC, Rotterdam)
Dr. B. Zwezerijnen (AmsterdamUMC - VUmc, Amsterdam)
Dr. S. Buckens (RadboudUMC, Nijmegen) 
Dr. M. Nijland (UMCG, Groningen)
Dr. W. Roeloffzen (UMCG, Groningen)
Dr. M. Spreen (AmsterdamUMC - VUmc, Amsterdam)‚Äč

Key objectives of working group

The key objectives of this working group are:

  • The aim of the working group is to advise the many HOVON studies in which imaging is carried out (with regard to acquisition, image storage, and assessment criteria) for an adequate scientific output.
  • In addition, logistics are coordinated for many studies and the central assessment of PET, CT and sometimes MRI scans is performed.
  • The working group also provides advice on the clinical imaging of haematological syndromes in the form of publications on, for example, standardization of scanning protocols and reporting.
  • The nuclear physicians within this working group are also members of the hematology theme group of the Dutch Nuclear Medicine Association (NVNG), and are involved in the development and approval of hematological guidelines through the NVNG's Quality Assurance Committee.

The HOVON imaging working group wants to publish a newsletter about 4 times a year with information about new guidelines, scanning protocols, EARL, current studies and interesting articles, refresher courses and conferences. The purpose of the newsletter is to update the people involved in the imaging regarding hematology.

For submitters for imaging data

CT / MRI / PET (-CT) scans are performed in the local hospital according to study protocol.
CRF is completed by the local radiologist / nuclear medicine doctor.
Datasets and associated CRFs are sent by post or via SFTP server to the central data center in the VU Medical Center.

By mail:

C. Karga
Dept. Nuclear Medicine & PET Research
VU Medical Center
De Boelelaan 1117
1081 HV Amsterdam

By SFTP server:

An account can be requested via the following email address:

If you have any questions about sending material, please contact mrs. C. Karga, 020-4445047 or 

News letter

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Training / conferences 2021

EANM focus meeting 4, molecular imaging and therapy in haematological tumours. Sevilla, Spanje. 4-6 februari 2021

16 th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma. Lugano, Zwitserland. 15-19 juni 2021

8th international workshop on PET in lymphoma and myeloma. Menton, Frankrijk. 11-13 september 2021  

International symposium on Hodgkin lymphoma. Keulen, Duitsland. 22-24 oktober 2022

Meeting Minutes


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