Lymphoma treatment guidelines


Disease  Date Guideline
DLBCL Sept2021  DLBCL guideline Dutch only)
MCL  11OCT2017  MCL guideline (Dutch only) 
   -  Please also find associated trials at the LLPC section
FL  04FEB2020  Folliculair Lymphoma guideline (Dutch only)
HL 13NOV2019  Hodgkin Lymphoma guideline (Dutch only) 
MW Dec 2020  Morbus Waldenstrom guideline (Dutch only)
MZL Sept2021  Marginale Zone Lymfoom guideline (Dutch only)

DLBCL treatment with Yescarta

As of May 1, 2020, Yescarta (axicabtagene ciloleucel) is included in the basic package for patients with relapsed / refractory DLBCL (including transformed LF and PMBCL) after at least 2 previous lines of systemic therapy. To make this treatment possible for all eligible patients, there is a central registration procedure and the indication is discussed in national consultation. More information about the application procedure and inclusion / exclusion criteria for treatment can be found in the following documents:

CD19 CAR T-cel update (06MAY2020)
Landelijk verwijsformulier CD19 CAR-T cel behandeling buiten studieverband (27JAN2022)