SCT treatment guidelines

Indication for alloSCT in haematological disorders

The SCT working group advice is that for the indication for autologous stem cell transplants in non-haematological syndromes, the relevant professional associations should be consulted.

Allo SCT Indications EBMT

Advice on procedures for related stem cell donors

Adviezen procedures stamceldonoren (Feb 2015) (Dutch only)
Appendix A.  questionnaire on HLA type  01 Jan 2012 (Dutch only)
Guidelines for screening of hematopoietic stem cell donors on blood-transferable pathogens outside the standard package (Dutch only)
Questionnaire for the assessment of a stem cell / lymphocyte donor (Dutch only)
Appendix D. Exclusion criteria for assessment (revision Feb 2015) (Dutch only)

Donor selection guide

Selection guide for an unrelated donor (Dutch only)
Selection guide for haplo-identical donor (Dutch only)
Selection guide for cord blood units (Dutch only)

Plerixafor medication guideline

Guideline plerixafor (Dutch only)

Conditioning advice

Guidelines for conditioning AML TCD (Dutch only)

Guideline GVHD

Guideline GVHD (Dutch only)

Long-term follow-up recommendations after allogeneic SCT

Recommendations after alloSCT (Dutch only)